Lessons of me

Every situation that comes across my life, I definitely leave with some new insight. In every situation we should learn something from it. A Life lesson. A positive.

Story time:

I was texting and driving and didn’t see the truck next to me. I changed lanes & gracefully bumped the truck on the intersection. The lady had her son in the car. She just had a small dent and my rubbed off paint. I just lost the cover to the side mirror, with a very small dent and her paint.

*Gracefully* because it was barely a tap.

My insurance went up & she got a nice payout for her family.

I wanted to be upset about my insurance going up for such a small collusion. But this situation could’ve changed my life for the worst. I could have hurt the people in the car & everyone else on the interstate. I was given another chance. Another time to decide to pay attention to the road.

I believe if we look into each life changing moment & take the good from it, learn, and make better decisions. We would have more purposeful & stress less lives.

Think about it! 🤘🏽



Being myself is all I’ve ever wanted. Free to think right off the top of my head. THATS FREEDOM & true happiness. That’s my greatest wish, my greatest desire.

Being one with all of me.

I believe once we accept ourselves wholeheartedly, that’s when nothing outside of ourselves matter. Nothing matters but YOU.

That’s what I wish for each individual that stumbles on my words. “Self love to the core” no matter what.

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